What Really Matters

We spend a lot of time here at Edit thinking, talking and blogging about things - new jewelry, our next trip to market, our homes, an event, what we'll be wearing to an event ... While we of course enjoy many things in life, yesterday's terrible tragedy in Boston has us focusing on what matters most - our loved ones.

Today, I spent the entire day at home with my two little girls. OK, we did go out once for Starbucks and Nora's speech lesson, but the rest of the day was spent together at home. That's pretty much a record for me! While we did a lot of catching up on laundry and cleaning, we also played princesses, made tissue paper flowers (now on display in a vase in our living room) and created more interesting pieces of art with sparkly piper cleaners (Evie, my serious/sensitive firstborn, seems a little obsessive about making religious crosses! Who knew pipe cleaners would only fuel this little interest of hers!)

We also watched a movie together, snuggled up on the couch, and when Mommy needed a quick nap, the girls were my "doctor," covering me up with blankets and checking me out head to toe - if you haven't played doctor with your children, this is a perfect opportunity to close your eyes for a good 10, sometimes 20, minutes! Although my ornery little rascal, Nora, woke me up with a few harsh jabs to the face!

The day wasn't perfect. No day ever really is, especially with two little ones only 15 months apart. But it was precious. The small bit of comfort I've been able to find in the midst of tragedies like the one is in the arms of my girls - and their dad too.

Now is definitely a time to hold your loved ones close.

All photos by Alicia Abla Studio

- Kara

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  1. yes, i remember on 9/11, all i wanted to do was to find my daughter and hold her close. we don't have control over so many many things, but we can love our families. good post, kara.