Stella & Dot Look Alike

I love receiving goodies in the mail, especially when they sparkle! Edit is now carrying a new bracelet that looks almost exactly like Stella & Dot's popular renegade cluster bracelet, which is $59. Our is only $25 and  handmade by a lovely little lady in Kentucky.

Here's our bracelet:

Edit gold "renegade" bracelet: $25
And here's the one from Stella & Dot:
Stella and Dot: $59

The main difference is the professional photography and lighting - I promise!

Now let me say, I am not a Stella & Dot hater - on the contrary, I love their jewelry and actually bought the pricey S & D version and wore it almost every day for two months before it broke.

I was so heartbroken and also too stingy to fork over another $60. That's when I found my hidden gem of the South, who hand makes such a similar style ... and for so much less!

Edit has several in stock, so let us know if you'd like your own renegade bracelet at more than HALF the cost! And our shipping is much less - only $5 - or you can pick up from us in Prairie Village.

We'll try and style the bracelet with some other arm candy to show you how we'd wear it ... Stay tuned for pics. We're new at this "styling" business, especially when it means pictures of ourselves, but we know we need to at least try!

- Kara

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