Going Green ... With Smoothies At Least!

I'm not much of a health nut. I mean, I try. Sometimes. But most of the time, I'm satisfied when my girls (and I) eat fruits and veggies with at least two of our three meals, remember our vitamins and have at least one glass of milk a day. Working out is a total bonus.

But recently, a friend of mine asked to host a Green Smoothie Girl class at our little office space, and of course, I agreed and couldn't help but sit in on the class.

It's always fun to see a friend turn "teacher," and this friend in particular has been intriguing of late with her new blog, Fancy Plantcy, and all of her personal experiences with plant-based nutrition and plant-based medicine ... which before Friday, I had no idea what that meant : )

The class had about five attendees (who all loved browsing the Edit merchandise too!), and it started off with a tutorial on green smoothies, basically smoothies that include super healthy veggies like kale and spinach, along with berries, bananas, coconut water, etc. We all enjoyed our own little smoothie, pretty good but my biggest concern - how will I convince the girls to drink a GREEN smoothie?! My friend/teacher suggested using beets to turn the smoothie red - much more edible for my princess-loving girls!

So I'm totally on board with the green smoothies, it seems like a quick and easy way to stuff my girls with all the veggies they need in a day. Turn it red, add a straw, they're/I'm sold.

But up next in the class was a part I wasn't prepared for ... essential oils. Green Smoothie Girl promotes and sells doTerra Essential Oils for prevention and healing - this is the plant-based medicine I mentioned before.

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical at first. Rub a drop off oil on the bottom of your feet to treat anxiety, asthma, heartburn ... what?

But the more I listened and learned, especially from my trusted friend/teacher, the more it made sense. Essential oils have been around forever, dating back to the Egyptians and, most importantly, the Greeks. You know how much I love my heritage : )

It's not like I want to ditch all of our prescription medications or never take my girls to the doctor again, but if the Breathe blend of essential oils can help with my husband's asthma and allergies, why not try it?

Plus my friend/teacher swears she lost eight pounds in less than two weeks just by using the Slim and Sassy oil!

And I can't imagine how using the Serenity blend of oils in a diffuser at night wouldn't help put my house full of lovies to sleep.

Now I'm not selling these products, and I haven't even bought any, but I might. And I'm definitely pulling out the blender this week for some green/red smoothies to jump-start our days!

Are you a Green Smoothie Girl follower or addicted to essential oils? Do you have any tried-and-true recipes to share? I'd love to hear from you!

- Kara


  1. I love green smoothies - a wonderful way to add extra nutrition to breakfast or a snack. I plan on having my daughter drink them too as soon as she can have cow's milk.

    Add a little bit of almond butter and the bitterness of the green goes away!

  2. Ok so i totally bought in to DoTerra and got the family pharmacy kit or something like that, i was super skeptical but I LOVE the deep blue blend for sore muscles and i actually had a headache and tried out the lavender and peppermint and it totally went away! so i think for some things they totally do work :) Also it was nice to meet you guys at go blog social last weekend!