Shopping for a Cause

Tonight, Melina and I get to do two things we love - shop and support one of our clients! Isn't it amazing when life works out that way?! It's WORK honey, I promise : )

For the last few weeks, we've been planning a "girls night out" at Tulip, a locally-owned boutique on the Country Club Plaza. 

The event will help raise money for The Mission Project, a local nonprofit that helps young adults with developmental disabilities like Down syndrome and autism live and work on their own with minimal support, as well as First Downs for Down Syndrome, another amazing group that raises money and awareness for those with Down syndrome here in Kansas City.

Both groups are gearing up for their big fundraiser - the 6th Annual Run for the Roses Kentucky Derby Gala coming up Saturday, May 4 at the Carriage Club in Kansas City.

To help support the Gala, Robin, the lovely and generous owner of Tulip, offered to host a benefit shopping night. Melina and I, of course, said "let's invite the bloggers!"

So ... we have some amazing bloggers coming as part of the KC Blogger Meetup, as well as supporters of The Mission Project.

Good friend Alicia Alba will be photographing the night's festivities, which will include sips and snacks from The Granfalloon, goody bags, giveaways, lots of adorable clothes ... and Derby-style hats of course!

I can't wait to see everyone try on these gorgeous, over-the-top hats! I hope to find one myself for the upcoming Gala - this will be my third year, and it's about time I had a really cool hat. Plus I have my eye on a red floral dress ...

And did I mention nearly everything at Tulip is under $100? Love it!

We'll be posting pictures on Thursday!

- Kara


Harvey: 3 months

I can't believe it has already been three months since Harvey was born. Sometimes the days feel sooo long, but boy is time flying by. Our little guy is smiling all the time and any day now should be laughing and rolling over! He really is just killing it in the cute department. We can't get enough of his facial expressions. I just want to eat him up! I mean really, don't you?

big boy bath

binky about to fall out

lounging with mama

BIG smile



Giveaway: KC Home Show Tickets

We're starting to feel official over here at Edit with our very first giveaway - two tickets to this weekend's Kansas City Home Show and Flower, Lawn & Garden Show!

The home show, a true KC tradition running 65 years strong, is Friday, March 22 through Sunday, March 24 at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City.

We can't wait to go check out all of the exhibitors showcasing spring home and garden projects ... and also take in this lovely lady - HGTV Design Star alumn Lonni Paul. Remember Lonni? We do!

While we write more about fashion and our kids (whoops!) here on Edit, we do love home design too. Decor and home improvement projects can just be so overwhelming - and expensive - especially when you have a 100-year old home like Melina or a dated 70s split like me ... and you tend to spend your money on fashion and your kids and/or fashion for your kids!

But we're hoping this weekend's home show will give us some inspiration and also a close-up with Miss Lonni. She'll be speaking on the Spaces stage at 2 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.

The home show also features several other speakers (architects, designers and floriculturists - did you even know that was a word/profession?), as well as a Kids' Corner with the KC Bricklab, Wayside Waifs adoptable pets and The Bee Guy with working bee hives - yikes - giveaways and more.

So, how can you get tickets? You can purchase yours online or at Hen House, Sun Fresh or Bank of Blue Valley or you can WIN them from us!

Good luck - and hope to see you there!

This event is presented by the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City and the presenting sponsor is MattressFIRM.

- Kara


Harvey's First Day

Home after his first day at daycare

Yesterday I experienced what every new mom dreads, the first day of daycare. I can't complain because we are blessed with an incredible situtation. I have a flexible work schedule, so Harvey is only going to daycare two days/week PLUS his daycare is at Matthew's work. Matthew is only a few feet away from our baby boy and can feed him his bottles, be there if he cries, or change a few diapers if he should be so inclined!

Before I had Harvey, I told everyone he'd start daycare at eight weeks and was considering three days/week. When I was pregnant, I tried to be practical about everything. It was frustrating having people tell me how I was going to feel after the baby came. It was hard for me not to be able to emotionally prepare myself for how I would feel for Harvey when he arrived. Some people told me that it took a few days or even weeks to feel that real connection with their baby. Others it was immediate. Some said they were ready to go back to work at eight weeks. Others quit their jobs to stay home full time. It was very difficult for me to not know how I would react.

Harvey will be 11 weeks tomorrow. Time is flying by, and I now know what kind of mother I am. I pick him up, even when he's happy in his swing. I put him to sleep in my arms, rather than his crib. I get anxious when other people hold him. His cries startle me, but they also make me determined to fix whatever is upsetting him. In the beginning, I took too many pictures and lost moments behind the iPhone lens. Now, I'm trying to put the phone down. I love to nurse him. Right now, it's not a chore or inconvenience in the slightest.

For all you soon-to-be new moms out there, don't get discouraged by the unknown. You will get lots of advice from people trying to be helpful, and I've found there's only one thing that everyone has been right about. You will never know a more powerful, gut-wrenching, innate love than what you'll experience with your baby. Harvey has completed our lives in ways that I didn't know need completion.

Now, I just need to figure out how to make time go by more slowly.

Glad to have my baby home

- Melina



Vodka Love

There are many reasons to love vodka. It tastes amazing mixed with tonic, lemonade, grapefruit juice and so on. Plus it has ZERO carbs and very few calories. Last night, I found a new reason to love vodka - it was free! Our friend Sarah over at Apparently Obsessed invited Melina and I to a  launch party for American Harvest Organic Spirit Vodka.

Photos by p.binder.photography
 Since yesterday was Melina's birthday and she's a new mama obsessed with her little man, Melina opted to stay home and cuddle on the couch. Lucky for Mark - he was my date! Did I mention Mark loves vodka too ... and ladies in tight strapless dresses : )

Then we had the pleasure of running into friend and fellow blogger Erin of Pretty, Polished, Perfect. 

The night was very fun, the vodka tastes great - Mark had a drink straight up and can attest to the smooth flavor. (Mine was mixed with all kinds of juices and spices - even basil!) And the company was the best!

- Kara


A Space of Our Own

While Melina and I love our Edit blog and boutique business (and can't wait for our two trunk shows this week!), we feed our families through Edit Communications, where we do public relations, marketing, writing, special events, social media and pretty much anything our clients ask of us!

For the last four years, all of this work has been conducted from my home office/guest room - which is also home to all of the Edit merchandise, laundry that needs to be folded, bills that need to be paid and countless Barbies, princesses and coloring books ... But not anymore!

Today, Melina and I were handed the keys to our very own office!

We are now the proud renters of 500 feet of office space in Prairie Village - just barely three minutes from my house! Here's what our space looks like now:

Great dark wood floors, lovely built ins in the back, a large picture window up front ... not the best lighting in the world, but we're certain it has great potential. And we can't wait to get our hands on some paint rollers!

We've already been doing a bit of online shopping for our new space and can't wait to share the "after" photos with you soon. Until then, here's a sneak peek of where we're headed:

IKEA white computer desk workstation, Amazon
Herringbone rug in teal, Urban Outfitters

We also plan to have some gold accents and touches of our favorite color ...

We are so excited!!!

- Kara